Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jan. 11 - Jan. 15, The week in Patterning - 4

First in this week's storyboard, 'new' vintage patterns arrived this week! They are from a generous customer going through a family member's life-long belongings. These are just two and note they (as are more from this collection) are in sizes ranging 38 to 44 bust. I will post more about the complete set of originals as I continue to check each one. So far, I am sure I will add each one of these to my multi-size line.
This storyboard also includes a step back to the late-1930's as I complete the revisions to this blouse pattern I originally issued in sizes 32 to 42 bust. In addition to revising this pattern, I am adding sizes 44 and 46 bust. It will be ready for release late this coming week! Below left, is a silk matelasse sample I sewed from this pattern with the short, pleated sleeve.

Also in week 1, I gave a finishing detail of the cotton bobbinet Vogue 1935 Tucked Blouse (worn over the low-backed 1932 slip). It is now complete with vintage 'West Germany' crystal buttons and all!


ista said...

I love the coat in 4462 ... and it's my size! Hope to see the repro on your site one day. I'm a superb procrastinator ;)

EvaDress said...

Hello ista,
Yes, the Simplicity 4662 is a pattern I will make available in multiple sizes. I have my line-up set for this year, so I will be working it in here and there. As well, the lower front coat piece is missing, so that takes time to drape and test in the process.

I will happily advise here when the pattern is ready to go months from now. I know I want that coat, too!