Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Images of Inspiration - Pattern Artwork

Looks suspiciously as though it is from Simplicity:

Perhaps another Simplicity? The skirt lines are the same as one of my favorites from 1934:

Love the use of asymmetry in this skirt:

And to think I have boatloads more...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A little extra in patterns this month

I have been wanting to share this pattern with everyone for some time now. I am happy to say that it is ready in multiple sizes:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Some of the best things come in candy boxes

A little preview for 2011:

'Luxe' is the theme for my 2011 patterns and one long-planned concept I will put forth regards the luxe of ribbon frocks.

Today I received ribbons from Carole at  The Ribbon Store in Las Vegas, NV as part of the winnings I received for my entry in Threads Magazine Fancy Fabric Challenge. They are appropriately packaged as the confections they are!

I put the 1930 leaf evening frock (photo below) on the back-burner this year for suffering from 'Dressmaker's Block'. I could not decide how best to materialize the feature 'waterfall' of leaf designs down the back and the shoulder straps.
I resolved to make individual leaf designs using Carole's wonderful German satin deco moire ribbon in Scarlet and Emerald (shown lower left in image above) using three different widths to create the leaves in a variety of scales.
I will create them using the instruction from this blog post:
You see a test below:

The pattern is nearly complete, so I now plan to have it ready for release and the silk sample gown complete for February, 2011.

I have also thought about using ribbon in sewing from an inspiration I had years ago when I found this great late-30's cotton net (photos below) evening gown.

It satisfied part of my desire to 'make' my own fabric in that the cotton net is embellished with strips of grosgrain ribbon. When the net was cut on the bias and the gown pieces sewn together, the strips of ribbon create the chevron effect so well known during this decade.
I have been working up a modified version of this late-1930's McCall pattern from my collection which I will cut from silk net organza.

I will sew upon it strips of soft, millinery petersham ribbon and cut the gown on the bias to create a very similar effect. I plan to wear it to the Gatsby Summer Afternoon next year.

On another fun, little note, here are some shots of the time I 'Gatsby-ed' in 2004. I particularly loved they way these chaps dressed;

We stayed at the Golden Gate Hotel in San Francisco. The original 1911 elevator was in service: