Friday, April 16, 2010

Artwear Symposium and Trunk Show in Minnesota

I am attending a couple of Saturday seminars at this year's Artwear Symposium   at the Textile Center in Minneapolis this June.

I am currently working out details with staff at Treadle Yard Goods to put on a patterns trunk show that same weekend. I have many sample garments made from my patterns that will be on display at the store in advance (date as to when they will be ready to view not yet determined, but stay tuned).

I will really like everyone's input as to what they would like to see in the trunk show opportunity as far as instruction I can give to help with your vintage pattern projects.

I have offered to make the times I will be available there as open help sessions for anyone needing assistance or questions answered about any sewing project they are doing with a vintage pattern (the pattern does not have to be from my business).

Looking forward to seeing you in Minnesota!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Error in pattern B30-1465

Today, I discovered an error in pattern B30-1465, the multi-size blouses.

I failed to put the size key on each piece of the paper pattern, so please be advised that the pattern is for sizes 16-46. Here is a  link  to the size key so you may print it.

Also, on the long sleeve band (piece 'M'), I noted to cut sizes 14 to 42 on the same line. It should read 'Cut sizes 16 to 42 on this line'.

I am sorry for this oversight in my final printing of the pattern. Trying not to do that again!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How I Live

Just a mere glimpse into part of my personal life:

I have been living in a circa 1947 town home with the BEST wood floors upon which I have done a great deal of pattern and sewing work. I feel what I do in my life highly influences my lving space. I grew up around good old things, I travel, I make paper patterns and I sew.

I refer to my kitchen as the 'oversize butler's pantry'. I took antique glass pulls from a dresser to spark it up as you see above the shelf over my sink:

My grandmother changed my diapers on this 1862 sideboard-sadly, it is one of a few pieces I am selling to move out west. The detail shot shows fresh sage I cut from the garden of my former residence just before the weather turned too cold for it last December:

Drafting patterns weighed down with an antique glass doorknob:

Of course, I sew with vintage machines-this is the one I use most often for the last few years. It is a circa 1941 Singer:

The nightlight in my bedroom is this sheet of glass upon which I sat the two pieces of Berlin Wall I picked up at Potsdam in 1991-together they weigh 19 lbs: