Friday, May 30, 2014

New Multi-Size Pattern, 1956 Swim or Playsuit and Skirt

Now in sizes 12 to 42, the 1956 Swim or Playsuit and Skirt originally by McCall's:
This pattern features the bubble bloomers (shorts) and cross-front halter.  The original skirt came in one size to fit 14 through 20 (aside from the skirt length for size 12).  NOTE: I left the skirt as such although since I added sizes 40 and 42 to the range, there will be up to an 11" opening between the front edges of the skirt under the waistband ties.  I recommend adding an additional pleat in the skirt or re-doing the pleats proportionally to accommodate your selected size in order that the two front skirt edges nearly meet, as shown in the original pattern art.

Being that 2014 is my 'Sheer Year', I am creating a separate halter top from this pattern in cotton/rayon voile (below).  I will cut a shaped interlining (and may even line it) in white cotton sateen, yet leave the cross-front sheer and omit the back stay.   I plan to make the bottom 2" of the halter sheer so it will read as such when worn over trousers, shorts or a skirt for dressier occasions and tucked in under shorts or the like as casual wear.
Below are the front halter pieces in voile (click images for larger view) with tailor tacks for the pleats at the shoulder and a quick sketch of the shaped interlining upon the original art:

Will share that project progress here in coming weeks.

To address more meaning of my 'Sheer Year', here is a sneak peek (back bodice and back skirt) of my 2014 Make it with Wool Competition project.  I am working up a black sheer wool version of the 1937 Vogue dress from pattern D30-573 and will pair it with the 1939 Vogue Coat from pattern C30-3916.

I will share progress as I move through the project in coming weeks although you can see the working details from my Pinterest 'Vogue Dress Project' and '1939 Inspired Coat' boards!

On the last update note here, I have posted more original patterns to my site and I plan to make more available through early summer so have a look starting with these: