Sunday, April 12, 2009

Error in the 1934 Men's Trousers

It came to my attention that there is a crucial flaw in the 1934 men's trouser pattern I issued in multi-size late last summer.

I have corrected the error and mocked the trousers up again to confirm that there is no longer a problem.

A customer e-mailed to let me know about the discrepancy in the length of the trouser front rise (crotch) versus that of the trouser back.  I realized I had used a file drafted from the original pattern which had this error in it instead of the corrected version of the original pattern-a grievous error on my part, indeed!

To correct your pattern, the hook of the back crotch needs to be dropped 1-1/2" from its current position while maintaining the location of the inner leg seam:

To make amends to those who are not confident in making this change to the pattern themselves, I am happy to send the corrected trouser back and the trouser front pieces to those who request them of me via e-mail.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

On the Boards - Spring 2009

Any interest in 1930's men's underwear pattern?

In the meantime, here are more patterns I am preparing this spring:

Mid-1930's Swimsuits

1927 Skirt