Thursday, March 31, 2011

Revision in Pattern Acc30-1887

I was working through style B of this hat pattern the other night to realize I made an error in the instructions.


So, if you have this pattern, you can download the two corrected pages here.

You will soon see my version of the hat in black silk double-sided satin. I interlined each piece with silk organza and lined the inside with silk habotai. It goes together very quickly and easily!

It will take part in my wearing the Simplicity 1938 frock as shown below in progress:

Will have good photos posted this summer of the complete get-up ; ), but may have some snapshots available before too long....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 EvaDress Pattern Contest Results

Here are the projects with the most votes in each of the four categories this year:

For Best Use of Pattern in its Original Form, Debi Fry of Edinburgh, Scotland:

For Best Use of Men's Pattern, Nick Dupras of Leeds, UK:

For Best Use of accessories Pattern, Reagan Foy of Fountain Valley, California:

and Lil Crump of Queensland, Australia:

Thank you EVERYONE for your submissions, it will be great to do this again next year!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

‘Shirring’ Sheer Delights

I have gotten a good bite into a couple projects I’ve only been dreaming about for years!

Interestingly, they are both based on shirring sheer fabrics not only as a major design tenant, but also as the main technique for shaping the front of the garment.

I have always been fascinated by relative retrospectives in the history of clothing. Here, I am looking 50 years back from the 1930’s (the 1880’s) and observing the reclaiming of clothing design and construction premises.

The ‘first’ project is this 1938 Frock. I am cutting it from white silk crepe georgette printed in black polka-dots with black crepe georgette contrast:

The second project is this 1888 French Blouse. Originally, it is prescribed in faille or bangaline, but I will cut mine in white silk georgette with black lace contrast (pattern coming later this year):

When approaching the 1938 Frock, I had to do some paper pattern adjustment as far as grading and lengthening. I will soon post photos of those processes to share with you as well as technical points in sewing this frock in the sheer fabrics I have chosen. Stay tuned!