Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 EvaDress Pattern Contest Results

Just closed voting earlier this hour and the winning entries have been notified. They are as follows:

Category 1:

Category 2:

Category 3:

Category 4:

I very much appreciate everyone's participation and voting for this year's contest. I continue to welcome comments posted on WordPress as you may view all the entries submitted.


Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 EvaDress Pattern Contest Voting

The 2012 EvaDress Pattern Contest is posted and ready for votes!

Here are some words about voting, which is now open:

Only one vote per person per category will be counted toward final results. Vote for an entry by clicking in the range of stars at the bottom of the entry’s post.

See each category below to vote by clicking on the link to each.

Voting takes place from midnight (00:00 hours) EST on March 16, 2012 until midnight (00:00 hours) EST on March 26, 2012.

$100 of EvaDress patterns will be awarded to the winners of each category plus free shipping (international included). The awards (in the form of EvaDress gift certificates) are redeemable for up to one year from March 15, 2012 (the contest ending date).

Contest winners will be notified via e-mail. I will also publish them on my FaceBook page, at and I will post them on this blog site.

Here are the contest rules as a refresher:

Category 1~Any EvaDress pattern garment project that you have only thought about doing, but never took on. When you submit in this category, tell us why you only dreamed about doing the project and never made it. For example, perhaps your technical or pattern grading skills just weren't there yet:

Category 1 Voting

Category 2~Any EvaDress pattern garment project you started some time ago and have been meaning to finish. It doesn't matter if it has been years (hey, it happens) or weeks, when you submit in this category you need to tell us why you didn't finish it until now.

NOTE: Category 2 was exempt from the pre-January 15, 2012 contest start date for obvious reasons, but if you are entering in this category, you are not to pick that project up and continue it until 12 a.m. January 15, 2012:

Category 2 Voting

Category 3~Best use of pattern in its original form = Any garment for men, women or children created devoutly from the pattern (that is, with no changes to the design, although grading or alteration to the pattern for proper fit or length is a must):

Category 3 Voting

Category 4~Best use of pattern as adapted for contemporary-wear = Any garment for men, women, children created from an EvaDress pattern that has been modified for a more updated look (design changes allowed). One may not use pattern pieces from pattern companies other than EvaDress but, may incorporate pieces from an original vintage pattern, if desired:

Category 4 Voting

Monday, March 12, 2012

Revision to Pattern C30-4972

I made corrections to this pattern:

If you purchased this pattern before March 12, 2012, please e-mail me  to the effect and I will send you a revised sheet at no additional charge.

I also added four sizes up in this pattern. You may order it from the link above.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That's Sew Cinematic

I spotted this on Debi Fry's blog at Fashions From the Past :

I posted with Rhinestones and Telephones that I wish to take on a project I thought about 10 years ago for a nightgown not unlike what Irene Dunn wore at the end of 'My Favorite Wife'.

It has been a while and I am afraid I did not remember the puff sleeves and that the opening is above the bust line, not below:

Another observation is the slashed opening in the back.

Here is the pattern I found to be very similar (style at upper left, with the opening):

Don't imagine I will commence the project before the end of this month due to heavy deadlines, but I will post my progress to keep you all up to date.

In the meantime, I encourage you all to take a look at this sew-along challenge and participate!

P.S. Here is Cary dressed as Santa, it was too cute not to share here!

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Multi-Size Pattern

Really don't want this latest addition to outshine the contest posts I have on this site, but I do have to mention that the long-awaited 1930's Evening Gown pattern is now available.

It is printed on one sheet for sizes 32 to 44-inch bust: