Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1862 German Traveling Dress

Early this year, I joined the Prescott Victorian Society and I have been working on a Civil War era project from this 1862 German Traveling Dress pattern.
Here is a timeline of photos.

I built the hoop skirt some time ago from one of Martha McCain's patterns for Simplicity:
The inside of the dress showing the deep hem facing:
The finished bodice before hooks and eyes concealed by the front facings are applied.  The dress is Indian silk doupioni and the appliqué and covered button contrast is 110 gram silk taffeta:
Shows the finish on the hem with the hem facing and crin in place with the front facing before and after it is turned:

Detail showing one set of appliqués on the skirt and on the sleeve:
The complete dress (sans under collar and under sleeves):
For a little more in depth, I use Pinterest.com as a project montage process where I gather images of inspiration, fabrics swatches, trims, etc. with the patterns I use.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New 40's Pattern in two sizes

I have just a handful more of patterns I am going through from a customer grading order that I am also able to make available to you.
The latest is this Late-1940's Soft-Tailored Two-Piece Suit Dress in vintage sizes 14 & 16: