Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chanel-A Real Fashion Film!

I very much want to see Coco Before Chanel.

It looks wonderful and I wonder what its impact will be.
I have to say, as a girl who has always admired a 'man-look' in women's clothing, I am very interested to see how she came up with the androgyny for her pieces. Is it perhaps how the cabaret influenced her to defy convention? Her way of identifying with the wealthy men she admired for their independence? Or, a way of addressing the fact that her father left her in an orphanage? We'll see...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Marvelous McCall...

In 1935, The McCall Pattern Company leveled the gender playing field with this one.
I would LOVE looking smart as one of the fellows emerging from the bath in this robe.
Overall, it is masculine in style, yet femininely detailed with shaped pockets and shaped revers!
My favorite attributes are the square armholes, French cuffs and the 'necktie' belt!
I will love to make a coat out of this pattern some day with contrasting sleeves!

(Now available in size 38" bust)

Another example of the McCall 'gender-bending' in this vest pattern: