Friday, May 4, 2012

New Multi-Size Pattern

This is one of the first 1933 McCall patterns I picked up. It is now available in multiple sizes 32" to 46" bust.

It has some phenomenal sleeve options, one of which is a cut sleeve which does not appear well in the pattern art. Below is a mock-up of that shirred and cut sleeve:
Shows as I fell the un-sewn edge of the sleeve trim over the cut opening.

With the trim felled and lapped per markings on the pattern.

The original pattern size is 20 (for 38" bust), but this is the sleeve graded to size 14 (for 32" bust).

Below is a screen shot here showing a few sleeve pieces in the CAD program I use to work on the patterns.  The sleeve at bottom left is the cut sleeve trimmed with a contrasting band.  Another nice detail about this sleeve style, it is shirred at the bottom for 4" so it fits close to the arm and really accentuates the open design.