Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ready to Go!

Logistical problems earlier this fall caused me to put this pattern on hold so I could stay on schedule with the others I had to issue.
I am happy to say this 1936 swing dress is ready to go in sizes 14 - 42!
The shoulder yoke is in one with the collar and the drop sleeve makes for smart detailing.

Friday, November 9, 2012

New Multi-Size (and Original) Patterns Posted, 'Wrapping Up' the end of the year!

I issued an update to my e-mail members today to let everyone know I have a couple new patterns ready in multi-size.  They are:

The 1929 Evening Wrap by McCall

and the 1943 Wrap Dress

Right now, the wrap dress is in a limited set of sizes due to the fact it was part of a custom grading order, but next year is about adding sizes in multi-size patterns that are already available, so stay tuned!
I have also re-done the original vintage pattern pages.  When one clicks on an original vintage pattern image, a .pdf will load of both front and back of the envelope in large detail.  Be advised, they will take time to load on that account.
Here are a few examples of the recently added originals:

I am still in process of up-grading the pattern pages throughout the site and it will take time to complete, but things are looking really great with the improved graphics and format.

I'll have more updates coming about exciting things you can expect for the New year, but let's not all wish 2012 away too quickly.  I wish everyone well as we come up on the holiday(s) season, cheers!