Sunday, April 4, 2010

How I Live

Just a mere glimpse into part of my personal life:

I have been living in a circa 1947 town home with the BEST wood floors upon which I have done a great deal of pattern and sewing work. I feel what I do in my life highly influences my lving space. I grew up around good old things, I travel, I make paper patterns and I sew.

I refer to my kitchen as the 'oversize butler's pantry'. I took antique glass pulls from a dresser to spark it up as you see above the shelf over my sink:

My grandmother changed my diapers on this 1862 sideboard-sadly, it is one of a few pieces I am selling to move out west. The detail shot shows fresh sage I cut from the garden of my former residence just before the weather turned too cold for it last December:

Drafting patterns weighed down with an antique glass doorknob:

Of course, I sew with vintage machines-this is the one I use most often for the last few years. It is a circa 1941 Singer:

The nightlight in my bedroom is this sheet of glass upon which I sat the two pieces of Berlin Wall I picked up at Potsdam in 1991-together they weigh 19 lbs:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us have a little peek into your beautiful home. I love your wooden floors.

kbro said...

What a lovely space you have created. I'm sure it will be hard to leave, but as a life long "Westerner" I'd like to welcome you to the west. You and I emailed a few years back when we both went thru life altering events, and although I did not keep up the correspondence on my end I want you to know I have followed your site and blog, admiring the life you have built. Hopefully, once you have settled yourself and your business out here I will be able to attend a class, trunk show, or whatever you have going. I am just now again "picking up the needle" so to speak, so I look forward to buying and enjoying some of the wonderful new patterns you offer. Best of luck on your move! With Kindest Regards ~ kbro