Sunday, January 31, 2010

1887 Bat Costume Progress

I finished the first piece of the 1887 bat costume (refer to Jan. 12, 2010 post). It is the black silk satin corset laced with thin silk ribbon.
Since the style is more along the lines of an evening bodice, there is no busk to close it at the front, so when I write the instruction for the pattern, I will recommend one create a side opening to put it on and off as lacing it each time may not be practical (especially for single girls not unlike myself who live alone!)

This is the part where I stitch the channels for the 1/2" boning at the back (on my 1941 Singer with the circa 1889 quilting foot attachment).

Next bit is to work on the bustle construction and then start the skirt.


Cisa said...

I can't wait to see future progress! By the way, I made up the 1954 vest I requested from you and I absolutely love it! You can see a picture of it at my blog

Lauren said...

Wonderful! I've long wondered how this pattern looks made up. Beautiful!