Friday, January 1, 2016

Dec. 21 – Dec. 24, The Week in Patterning - 1

This is a new section featuring what I have been up to by-the-week for lack of posting much online. I gleaned inspiration for posting more often this way from Ann Wood Handmade. Each entry will be posted in storyboard fashion (click images for larger version). Please enjoy and Happiest of New Years' to you!

I consider a couple of current sewing projects as a lead-up to this Christmas. I machine-tucked the bobbinet blouse December 2014 when first experimenting with circa 1935 Vogue’s pattern 6969 (which had been a gift to me earlier in the year). This week was devoted to wrapping seams, securing the MANY thread ends off each pleat and roll-hemming edges.
The blouse came from the drapes off the bobbinet gown I created from circa 1935 Vogue’s Couturier design 371 in 2011. The cotton bobbinet is perfect for this blouse! I will post the complete blouse the week of Jan. 4.
This blouse pattern is currently available in its original size (34" bust), yet I will work the blouse up in multiple sizes between other pattern deadlines the first half of 2016.

The second project is a sheer waist (also in progress) I created from our 1860 Polonaise Pattern released in 2013. The waist is meant to go under my Swiss waist I created last December (shown over a borrowed blouse). The completed waist will be shared the week of Jan. 11.
I wear the waist(s) for Living History interpretation at our Sharlot Hall Museum. January is devoted to handwork for me, which means I take the Spanish Jacket and continue to add to the soutache motif!
I received a request for the Swiss Waist in pattern form and I have a great deal to offer this year, so I will see how I do this year as far as tucking it in between pattern deadlines!

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