Sunday, February 28, 2016

Feb. 22 - Feb. 26, The Week in Patterning 10

I had planned to put on a 1920's EvaDress Pattern Challenge this spring, but re-considered and decided on hosting another 40's challenge.
I felt I may not have enough to offer in my 1920's collection (even though I am adding three 1920's patterns this coming and the following week) and last year's 40's challenge went so well. I asked for input from FaceBook users on my patterns page where it was also confirmed that 1940's styles are so desirable as contemporary wear. Good argument, I felt.
This means I will have the multi-size 1929 McCall Evening Gown with Handkerchief Hem ready to go Friday, March 4 as I must complete the size range on a 40's pattern requested last year. It is shown on this week's storyboard as the 1945 Simplicity Lounging Ensemble (top left). This board also gives a little preview of what is on the boards for late spring/early summer. A customer forwarded the DuBarry 5510 pattern so I may re-size it for her, which means it goes into my multi-size range and will be available to all from my site. In coming storyboards, I will happily share the process of documenting and drafting from the original to the format that arrives in your mailbox as one of my multi-size patterns.
Also shown is the 1949 Vogue 6120 pattern for another lounging ensemble. I have brought it out as one of those 'hidden gem' patterns that I haven't worked with as yet. It is part of the hidden gem series as I only have the jacket pieces and do not have the original pieces for the trousers. This means I will pair the jacket with a very similar style of trousers from another late-40's pattern to complete it. I will be making it available in multiple sizes.
I have a good start on summer pattern work which involves 50's styles, also shown in this preview:

Sharing progress on the 1920 coat pattern returns next week as well. Also in 1920's news: I will host a 20's challenge in future and keep all posted here.

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