Sunday, March 6, 2016

Feb. 29 - Mar. 4, The Week in Patterning 11

The 1920 'Simple' Jacket is set to go, available here. Again, it is yet a single size pattern (although digitally drafted, not hand drafted). When I know if it is desired in multiple sizes, I will make it available as such.
The 1920's continued to play out this week with the release of these two multi-size patterns as well. You will recall them from previous storyboards:
The 1929 McCall Evening Frock to 48" bust:

and the 1929 bandeau, which one may use as a bust reducer on account of its lace-up and pleated back. It is also to 48" bust, but I recommend making a size or two less than your actual bust measurement when worn as a reducer. As always, see what your muslin practice says before cutting final goods:

In this week's board, a few more steps in developing the 1920 Simple Jacket instruction. When I work through the muslin as posted in Week 7, I sew half the garment together and leave the remaining half in pieces so I may capture it step-by-step when sewing. In the instance of patterns drafted from masters as this one, I have to create the illustrated instructions by hand for lack of any in the original pattern issue.
Also in this board, a little behind the scenes on the 1945 Lounging Ensemble I mentioned last week. This capture shows the jacket front in the two original sizes I owned in this pattern (34" and 38" bust). These two sizes have been available in one set (also with 32" and 36" bust sizes), but I am completing the multi-size range bringing it to at least 46" bust which is the bulk of my work the next week. My aim is to get it ready to ship for anyone ordering it for my Fitting 40's Pattern Challenge (details, here)!

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