Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mar. 14 - Mar. 18, The Week in Patterning 13!

It's been a week mad with plaid as the 'bunny runway dress' (1869 bustle dress) continues in a light cotton shirting. To see why it is the bunny runway dress, look back at my week 2 post here!

I used the skirt yoke parts of a 1930's pattern to create the top portion of my Civil War-time (Pendleton) wool petticoat which lead to some matching plaid for a little somebun I know named Flat Fred!
Flat Fred was made by Flat and he is the mascot for a rabbit rescue called Tranquility Trails Animal Sanctuary in the Scottsdale area of Phoenix. If you have been very lucky, you may have met Fred on one of his travels as he gets around to educate people about the wonderful world of rabbits and the responsible care they require.
I patterned a couple accessories for him earlier this year and I quickly fashioned a kilt for him to wear on his trip to Scotland this summer! I call this pattern the clan carrot tartan ; )

Also in plaid news, I confirmed I have just enough of the woven plaid (bottom image) from which to cut the shorter length of the 1929 coat. I didn't get to sew on it this weekend as planned, but you will start seeing that progress unfold in the next boards: Fitting 40's Pattern Challenge (details, here) kicks off tomorrow, March 21!

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