Sunday, February 21, 2016

Feb. 15 - Feb. 19, The Week in Patterning - 9

Work continued this week on the 1920 'Simple' Jacket, but more detail on that in next week's update. It has been 20's week overall (with a touch of 1950's mixed-in). Checkout the progress on multi-sizing the 1929 McCall Evening Gown with Handkerchief Hem:

I draft the original size pattern in my CAD program and then set to grading the pattern into more sizes using theory (and math) to get the first couple of sizes up from the original. In this case the pattern was originally for 36" bust and I graded it to 40" bust in order to give it a test in a full size paper pattern and muslin. Depending on how that size comes out, I will then grade the pattern to 46" bust and test that size at full scale as well. I was very happy how the pattern graded, so work continues!
The little paper dress at center is from printing the full size pattern pieces at 1/5 scale. I use this scale paper model of half the dress to confirm that I have taken the size of the overall pattern up or down in the appropriate locations when working up the full size tests.
I expect to have this multi-size version of the pattern ready to go by March 1.

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