Sunday, November 17, 2013

1929 Coat with Pin Tucks and Godets: Godet Lining Tip

I treated the godet lining pieces the same as for the coat wool godets as far as turning a silk organza facing at the very top portion.  There is one big difference in that I stitched that facing down each side as shown (click on images for larger view):

This is so that I can make complete points out of the top of each godet so I may get crisp, secure turnings at that difficult juncture.  As you see, I clipped into the seam allowance so I may stitch the rest of the godets down each side by machine.  This also could have been done on the coat wool, but I felt I had better control of the turnings doing them by hand (as posted here) since the wool is so bulky.

Stitching down from the clipped seam allowance (which is at the bottom of the organza facing) when sewing the godet lining to the coat lining:

...and sewing the opposite edge of the godet to the lining from the clipped seam allowance (clip is not visible from this side, but its position is indicated by blue pin):

A view of the godet lining stitched into place from the wrong side, relative to the organza facing:

Godets are turned and pressed in place and ready to be hand-stitched along the edges turned with the organza facing:

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