Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ahh, the dangers of sorting through a stash!

I am sure we can all relate to the snowball effect sorting through any stash can bring on. I leafed through a stash of ephemera I have been collecting over the years during my hunts for vintage patterns to find these dandies:

I delved into the box for German 1920's masters from which to draft some patterns to offer everyone later this year when I was broadsided by these 1950's styles and I started fantasizing about drafting patterns for them to make some pieces for my own professional wardrobe. Love the cheetah-print-looking skirt and now I am on the hunt for faille...but, also devoutly drafting 20's patterns :o)!


Marji said...

oh my, those are fabulous!

I just realized too that I was in such a hurry to order my MOG dress pattern that I totally forgot to order the blouse pattern that I want. Argh. Next time.
I had a family emergency that prevented me from making the deadline on the sale, and I'm just kicking myself.

You don't perhaps have the fabric swatches those drawings go with too? I have a source for you, up in Traverse City, that you need to check out - Fine Fabrics. You're in Ohio right? Debbie at FF has incredible fabrics - right there in northern Michigan, and her prices are so far beyond reasonable that it's amazing. And she's got 4 or 5 colorways of good quality madras plaid.
Just a happy enabler here. ;)

EvaDress said...

Enabler you areindeed! I am in Ohio and will check out FF anytime I can get up that way. Right now, I am chained to the drafting board and sewing from my stash this month-making GREAT progress!
I wish I had the swatches shown on these pages, but alas, no. I like keeping an eye out for contemporary fabrics which are highly similar-it's a fun puzzle to put together, don't you think?!

Elle said...

Wow, I love both of those designs in the top illustration, puh-leaze do draft the one on the right. Because I do have fabric that would look great!

Elle said...

Xan, I keep getting pulled into the top illustration, with the cheetah print skirt. Do you actually have the patter for this? If so . . .


EvaDress said...

I do not have a pattern for the top illustration, but you know I can design one for it perhaps later this year ;o)