Sunday, July 13, 2008

'Invisible' Facing

I am a fan of the facing. I like Vogue patterns for their facing tendencies. When working with a vintage Vogue pattern dating to the 40's, I made an error when cutting the lining for the front of this halter top (view A at left):

So, I created an 'invisible facing' for my rescue! This is not part of the original pattern that was to be faced, It was to be narrowly hemmed. When I cut my front lining piece too short to make it close enough to the bottom edge of the finished fabric front, I cut a silk organza facing from the bodice front pattern and stitched it to the bottom edge of the fabric front, turned and pressed it into place:

Turned the top edge of the organza in and catch-stitched it to the narrowly hemmed lining which comes down over it:



Will this pattern become available for purchase among your collection? Hope so

EvaDress said...

This pattern has been available since September of 2007. Click on the image of the pattern and you can get to the page to order it from there-cheers!