Monday, January 14, 2013

On the Boards This First Quarter of 2013

As I shared from my EvaDress FaceBook, I am re-doing a pattern I had out until a few years ago. It is this German design for a 1929 pin-tucked coat with godets:

The consensus was a range of sizes 32" bust to 46" bust.  That is a range I am currently sizing pattern to presently. This coat will not be out until the second quarter of the year (look for it early summer) although it constitutes a good deal of my present work.

On the boards coming for release through this spring, I have the 1943 Wrap Dress in sizes 32" to 46" bust:

...and another pattern I pulled some years ago as it just didn't sell.

The funny thing, it is one of my favorite first patterns I ever picked up. I created the blouse in a black silk jacquard a few years ago and you will see it in Thread's Magazine Reader's Closet, issue 165 (not the current, but following issue).
So, I opted to throw it out for opinion and based on the feedback I received, I will make this one available near Mid-March also in 32" to 46" bust which has become a standard set of sizes in which I am making patterns.

Among other offerings I have for you this quarter, additional sizes in patterns I issued last year, as promised! Namely, the 1950's blouse and apron.

Much more to come yet, so I will keep all informed.


Trinny T said...

I want one of each! :)

So excited by all these patterns!

Debi said...

Hohn! Aim loving all of them! I especially love the 20s coat!

vintagevisions27 said...

So excited for the 20s coat pattern!

EvaDress said...

I too, am excited about that coat pattern. I did a muslin of it 10 years ago as I developed the pattern (during my pre-multi-sizing days) and vowed I would have to make a final coat in a heavy velvet or wool that would pin-tuck well. Of course, I still want to trim it with either a quality faux fur or recycle vintage mink. It is happening this year and the pattern is happening this year in MULTIPLE SIZES!
I have plenty more delightful '29 coats from the same source coming up as well.

Michele Marck Knitwear said...

I love your patterns.

I actually bought one of your patterns what seems like years ago for the 1940s trousers and believe it or not i started making them, adjusting the pattern to my size a few years ago and still have not finished them off yet, nearly there but not quite. I decided to use a zip rather than buttons as I am not a confident sewer yet. This year I aim to finish the trousers and wear them before they don't fit me anymore.

Good luck for 2013 and I look forward to following your posts, you reproduce some marvellous designs.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! When I first stumbled across your site it was that coat that made my heart sing. I was so incredibly disappointed to see it was out of print.

This news has made my day!