Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011 Gatsby Photos

A few photos from the Art Deco Society of California's 27th Annual Gatsby Summer Afternoon.

Having just rolled up after hitching a ride with this fellow in fur:

A couple of ladies with their well behaved pet:

Miss Art Deco about to be crowned:

My dance partner 'Crazy Ed':

Aundrea in her smashing blue! The hat is from one of her mother's stash of fifty!

With my customer Debi Fry:

A little entertainment on the side:

Back view of my ribbon frock (click for larger image):


Debi said...

LOVELY photos! It was so fabulous to meet you!!! I wish we had spent more time hanging out! Ah well...another reason to attend Gatsby again :)

superheidi said...

Your dress is so stunning! So how was dancing in such a long dress? I always wonder how one is suppose to dance without treading on the hem.

EvaDress said...

Superheidi, the hem of the dress stayed out of the way due to the fact that I stabilized it with 2" horsehair braid.

Debi, I am so happy I got to see you and your wonderful smile in person! I too, look forward to spending more time with you. Cheers!

superheidi said...

Thank you, good to know!

Lindsey said...

The dress is gorgeous! Absolutely stunning on you!

Anonymous said...

Love Aundrea's blue dress. She looks smashing, as does everyone. So tempting to go next year. I'm only about an hour away.