Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Ribbon Corset

I recently did this project since a 'Ribbon Corset' fits so well into my 'Luxe' theme for 2011.
See the original corset art here. It is Ageless Patterns' 1900 Corset in Net (on page 6 of her corset collection).

The following is my rendition of this corset (shown with bust panels omitted) in black silk net and finished with The Ribbon Store's black double-side silk satin ribbon to conceal the velvet stays inside. The top and bottom edges are finished with my trademark double-bias in double-side silk satin:

Without the bust panels, it is shown here over the 1930's evening brassiere:

...and a few technical details:

After stitching the corset seams, I put chocolate cotton velvet stays in place:

The velvet stays fit 1/2" spiral steel on the inside:

Stitching silk ribbon on the outside:

The outside with silk satin ribbons in place:

The following shows how I engineered the silk ribbon to conceal the loop side of the busk by seaming it to the net edge:

Busk edge wrapped in ribbon and ready for hand-stitching into place:

This is my (pre-laced) version with modified bust panels, but I am making them deatchable so here, you see them before I stitched the double-bias to finish the top edge:

Next...One of this year's ribbon frocks (for the Gatsby Summer Afternoon!)


Regena said...

nice work!
I've not made a ribbon one before

EvaDress said...

Thank you, Regena. It was a nicely different take on corset construction!

Lauren said...

Where did you find the silk net, if you don't mind me asking?

EvaDress said...

Hello Lauren,

The silk net was a jobber by Calvin Klein I found at Haberman in Detroit, Oct. of '09.
I knew I would regred not buying their entire roll as it was a steal!

Scholar-Gypsy said...

Very inspiring!