Monday, January 10, 2011

EvaDress Pattern Sewing Contest 2011

There are four categories for which one may sew and each entrant is welcome to submit as many projects as desired across each category. Each will be judged according to quality of construction (as best we can tell online!) and creativity:

***Just inserting a little note here: do not forget to submit which category you wish your project to be considered when e-mailing me your photos and project description!***

~Best use of pattern in its original form=Women’s garments created straight from the pattern only.

~Men’s Fashions=Garments created straight from the pattern only.

~Accessories=Accessory pattern project for women or men straight from the pattern only. This category wins $50 in patterns.

~Best use of pattern as adapted for contemporary-wear=Garment created from an EvaDress pattern that you modified for a more updated look using original tenants of the pattern. One may not use pattern pieces from pattern companies other than EvaDress but, may incorporate pieces from an original vintage pattern.

The winners will be voted by all participating EvaDress customers as well as fellow entrants.

I will award $100 of EvaDress patterns to the winners of each category ($50 to the winner of the accessories category) plus free shipping (international included). The awards are redeemable for up to one year from issue.

If participants wish to purchase patterns they do not yet have they are welcome to but, this really is an effort to encourage digging into that (EvaDress) pattern stash and put together the piece you have been thinking about for some time.

Projects are to be started no sooner than January 15, 2011 and the contest will close for submissions at midnight EST on March 15, 2011. Voting will take place from March 16, 2011 until midnight EST on March 26, 2011.

To enter, e-mail photos with descriptions of each project to me and I will send a confirmation of receipt of your project within 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation from me, please follow-up by phone (posted in contact info from my site) or by alternate e-mail at: theevadress(AT) to ensure that your submission was received.

One is permitted to submit a project if a muslin was started before the contest begin date, but the final fabric project is to be executed in the contest timeframe established. Patterns may have been graded before the contest start date as well.

I will post submissions on for the voting process. My username is EvaDress. You are invited to request me as a friend so you may have access to vote. Each participant will be able to vote using the ‘like’ button under each submission. Only one ‘like’ selection from each voter will be accepted for one project in each category.

I will notify winners via e-mail.

Each submission should include at least a front or front shot at an angle to show a side view as well. Back shots are encouraged, depending on what your project requires. Each photo should be 72dpi and no smaller than 8-1/4” by 11”.

Feel free to e-mail me questions, post questions on my Facebook wall or post questions by commenting on this blog. I will answer your questions by e-mail and may publicize them on Facebook and this blog post.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what you want to share with everyone and best of luck!


Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun contest. would love to enter, but not sure if I have the time, but I will try. I have several of your dress patterns and one suit pattern. I'd like to do the suit if that is allowed. LOL hear I am saying I don't have time and I picking a 3 piece outfit to do... dah... Oh well we will see and I will decided this weekend which one I will do. Do you need the info ahead of time or just once it is done?

EvaDress said...

No need to submit your plan, just send the required documentation in when finished and you feel you are ready to enter.
Best Wishes!

EvaDress said...

It has been asked if one may sew from a previously used EvaDress pattern and the answer is 'yes'. : )

Shannie said...

I'll give it a try! I have your beautiful 1950's 8437 that I'd like to shorten a little to make a cocktail dress. :) I can't wait to see what everyone makes!

EvaDress said...

Very exciting it all is indeed, Shannie and thank you for sharing your comment.

Another question has been asked about creating darts at the bust when grading for fit.

For contest purposes, it certainly is allowable to make any such adjustments when acheiving fit.

Frankie Pancakes said...

How many projects can we enter?

Frankie Pancakes said...

I have so many of your fantastic patterns that I have in my queue and some I want to make again. Is there a limit on the submissions or is only one allowed?

EvaDress said...

Hello Frankie, good to hear from you and I am sorry I missed your posts yesterday.
One is allowed to enter as many projects desired per category. Just don't wear yourself out doing too many, so keep it reasonable y'all! : )

Anonymous said...

Is lengthening/shortening the hem allowed in the "vintage pattern as-is" category? Would you make a distinction between raising the hem because you're short, or because you want to change the length of the dress from the one represented on the pattern picture?

EvaDress said...

Hem adjustments are certainly 'allowable' in the 'as-is' category since a sewer from back in the day may very well have had to change hem lengths on account of wearer's height.

I discourage drastic hem-length changes for style purposes in the 'as-is' category since hem lengths played an important role in the timeline of fashion (particularly from the early to mid-30's and then again into the 40's).

So, drastic hem length changes (i.e. for style purposes) are best saved for the modified vintage pattern for contemporary wear category.

Lauren said...

Sounds like so much fun! I have several of your patterns in my stash. Perfect excuse to make them up :)

Michael said...

So I take it then that a project I started from one of your patterns several years ago, but never finished wouldn't be eligible, correct?

EvaDress said...

Thank you for asking about the project started years ago-it is correct that it wouldn't qualify for this contest.

I am amenable to allowing that in a category next contest, though.

Molly Katherine Harries said...

Wow, I stumbled upon this just in time, I have been working on an Evadress pattern for the last week and am just about finished, can't wait to enter!

Dinie said...

Is there a place where everybody puts up their pictures of what they have created? I would love to become a part of that. And to see the wonderful Vintage styles and I'm certain some changes that come from wonderful flows of creativity!! please let me know!!

EvaDress said...


I am sorry I did not see your comment until jsut now. The entries are posted on Facebook, my user name is : EvaDress

If you are not on FaceBook, plase e-mail me.