Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Have the Most Interesting Customers in the World

Last night, I was thinking about an order I filled for a French-Canadian Soprano Opera singer who just completed a European tour. You can see Karina here.   I cannot wait to see what her seamstress makes of the patterns!

Therefore, I wish to start a new small segment on my web site to spotlight customers and the projects they have created from my patterns. I invite everyone who wishes to be written up to submit photos of their favorite projects from EvaDress patterns along with a small blurb and personal information regarding the sewing approach, if desired.

The first project I intend to post for the month of April is this ribbed silk version of the Katharine Hepburn jacket pattern (size group C) made by a customer in Nevada:

I love how the ribbed silk drapes so well for this style and the strong directionality the rib communicates the cut of each piece. Makes a most stunning 2-1/2D style, indeed!


Paula De Grand said...

What a wonderful combination of pattern, fabric, color and texture! What a gorgeous garment. It's so inspiring to see how your patterns come to life in the hands of your customers. Thanks for showcasing their work and I look forward to seeing much more.

Nathalie said...

Gosh, but that's beautiful. Bought the pattern last year but have yet to make it -- shall bump it up on my list of things to do. I even have the right fabric!

Helene said...

WOW - that is a great use of that fabric with that pattern - just emphasizes the lines of the pattern fantastically.

Annika said...

I too have this pattern and now I MUST bring it to life! Many thanks for sharing this - it has given me new inspiration.