Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 2009 outlook on the patterns

2009 is the year I am focusing on 2-1/2 dimensional styles. This means I am going to work with patterns featuring fabric elements that leap off the garment, yet do not cease to be a part of it. Darts, pleats and tucks are all valid dimensional effects in fabric, but this study goes further. For example, this favorite blouse has a jabot which is in one with the blouse front. Only its facing is a separately applied piece:

Here is a German frock pattern I am offering early 2009:

While the jabot is a separately applied piece (sewn to the back neck edge), I resolved to add it under this 2-1/2 D theme due to the amount of volume the jabot adds to the front of the frock, yet it is tucked under the folded fabric belt. More to come!

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Monica Rothschild said...

I love your vintage models, so I granted you a nomination for Kreativ Blogger in my blog. Just go there and check the rules. Cheers!!