Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The 1928 Set of Hats Pattern

This post is about giving a closer glimpse of the seven fabulous 1928 hat styles contained in pattern Acc20-1928:

Style 1 is a wool felt cloche with front brim and box-pleated center back with bow loops of matching felt:

Style 2 is a brocade and silk turban, the crown ends of which are arranged in bow loops at the right side and the crown is draped on the head and pleated upward:

Style 3 is a felt hat of two tone-on-tone or contrasting colors with a brim one end of which is threaded through and fastened with a fashion brooch (shown in wool tweed/flannel not backed with buckram):

Style 4 is a felt hat in contrasting hues-the crown of which is in three overlapping sections with cut-outs at each top edge. A fashion buckle may be threaded onto the felt strap trim at the right side:

Style 5 is a draped turban in light silk taffeta, gauze, or tulle over a high foundation of light buckram-the brim of which is cut bias for a soft fit around the face:

Style 6 is a silk cloche trimmed in straw braid over a wired crown of light buckram (shown here with self-bias in lieu of contrast straw):

Style 7 is wool felt cut in 7 sections for the crown which is attached to a contrasting felt band over which a slightly gathered brim one end of which is threaded through to form a shaped tie (shown in wool tweed/flannel not backed with buckram):

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osovictoria said...

Perfectly adorable hats. And what is even better you can make them yourself!