Saturday, March 28, 2015

EvaDress Patterns Challenge: 40's Fling!

This is a sewing pattern challenge to create men’s or women’s garments from 1940’s EvaDress patterns. Accessories (hats, bags, etc.) are not counted as an individual project, but may accompany garments in a submission. Participants may each enter more than one project for this challenge.
Projects may not be started earlier than 12:01 a.m. EST on April 16, 2015 although muslins for fitting may be created any time before April 16. No purchase necessary to enter, so 1940's EvaDress patterns from stash are fair game! The closing date to submit projects for this challenge is 11:59p.m. EST on June 1, 2015.
The more complicated the project-an intricately embellished gown, or ensembles over individual garments, the higher the consideration for placing as a finalist. Everyone who enters and COMPETELY finishes a project will receive a $10 non-expiring gift certificate to
One top finalist will additionally receive a $100 non-expiring gift certificate to
Depending on the number of entries, five finalists will be selected based on quality of construction (construction detail shots are a must), accuracy to the challenge guidelines and overall design with projects remaining devout to the original pattern style lines.
I have the honor of Lauren Maringola from Wearing History Clothing  judging from the top five and she will select a top finalist.
Projects submitted to other challenges are certainly welcome, provided they fit into the 40’s Fling parameters stated here.
The top finalist will be notified on the event wall by 11:59p.m., June 2, 2015.
NOTE: By entering this challenge you agree that your submission photos/descriptions may be used in the gallery on the EvaDress web site as promotional material for EvaDress.
To enter, go here ( and post high quality images (longest edge of photo to be 11”, photo to be at 150dpi) to include front, back, side views and construction/design details. Post the main photo to the page and subsequent project photos in the comments section under the main photo. Be sure to write why was this project meaningful to you to submit? Also indicate which pattern was used.

Feel free to e-mail me with questions. Questions may also be posted on my Facebook (EvaDress) wall or posted by commenting on this blog post.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm watching this contest on FB and I'm thinking about entering something. I was just curious about the parameters for the competition. I understand that we have to use an Eva Dress pattern from the 40s--great! But what exactly is the judging criteria? Is it just level of skill/complicated project, or are there other dealbreakers? For example, if I take a 40s pattern and make a dress out of a cool contemporary fabric, but the lines of the pattern are honored, is that OK? Or if I make a 40s dress in the spirit of the 40s, but use a Spoonflower fabric that wouldn't have been available in the 40s, is that OK, too? I'm just trying to gauge where the stopping point is with historical accuracy and what is acceptable. Thanks!

EvaDress said...

Hello and thank you for considering the challenge!
We just had kick-off for it last night.
You are welcome to use a contemporary fabric while you honor the original lines of the pattern.
Also, good skills being evident in the project are a must as judging goes.

Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I would very much like to make something so I can participate in 40s Fling Pattern Challenge, but I see the only way to enter that is mentioned is through Facebook. I'm not on Facebook and can't comment there or anything. Is there any other way I can participate and/or send you my photos and detail info?