Monday, December 16, 2013

1929 Coat with Pin Tucks and Godets: All Wrapped Up!

My finished 1929 German Coat!  It took first place in the adult division of Arizona Make it with Wool and off to the national competition it goes! (click on images for larger view)

Can't believe I missed pressing that right godet at the back!

Now for some finish details, sleeve pin tucks:

Pin tucks at the back:

Pin tucks and godet at front:

Bound buttonhole:


I expect to have it cleaned once it comes back from judging to relax any puckering.


ista said...

What a gorgeous coat!

kushami said...

Beautiful sewing and so elegant on you! Wish you success in the national competition.

Marie said...

Wow, it's spectacular! Love all the special details, especially the pintucks!!!

Unknown said...

How beautiful, I love that pattern and it is wonderful to see it complete. And the buttonholes--amazing, I have tried bound buttonholes and mine sure never looked like that--a real challenge for 2014. Thanks for sharing.