Monday, December 24, 2012

A Word Regarding EvaDress Gift Certificates

I continue to receive orders for certificates in which no mention is made to whom the certificate is to be issued (as one should specify in the special instructions/notes box upon checkout) and the shipping and billing name and address are entered as the same.

When I inquire to the purchaser as to whom the certificate should be made and sent without getting a response in time for each shipment (Tuesdays and Fridays of each week-the cut-off for each being noon the previous day), I simply send the certificate as entered in the order.

I just wanted to direct attention to this issue as I know, more often than not, that a gift certificate is purchased for someone other than the buyer!
Please keep in mind that when you checkout online, you must UN-CHECK the box in order for the shipping address to be entered differently than the billing address. Otherwise, the shipping addy is automatically filled as the billing addy.

Happiest of Holidays to everyone and I look forward to the New Year with you All!

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