Thursday, November 10, 2011

Teaching in Phoenix for ASDP this Saturday

I am doing a session focusing on flattering figure challenges using vintage details with transverse lines.

Examples of the exercises I will go over in class using 1/2 scale patterns to hand sew on muslin are:

Breaking up a wide hip with a godet which is reinforced at the skirt waistline:

Reducing a large bustline using right angle seams faced with silk organza:

Increasing the shoulder line using a dropped sleeve and cut-away shoulder with a pointer on giving the cut-away shoulder a wider facing:

Augmenting a small bustline with horizontal gathers using rayon seam tape stays:

Play-down a protruding stomach with asymmetric lines using basting as a guide for sewing lapped seams:

Augment a smaller hip using transverse gathers. The tip here is to stay the skirt gathers before joining to the skirt yoke:

All are welcome to register, contact Phyllis Bergo of Quail Trail Designs, 480.812.9762

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Debi said...

Oh man! I wish I was in Phoenix! sounds amazing!