Friday, August 27, 2010

1887 Bat Costume Pattern is Ready!

Quick snapshots of the silk sample shown here without the gloves (gloves process blogged here) and polonaise. Also, the fichu is not yet stayed to the back of the corset and a band on each arm from which to hang the wings has yet to be applied.

The bat costume sans wings: Finalizing the drape of the skirt polonaise:

My daughter fashioned this little bat in paper and fabric mâché.

Front view taken Oct. 6, 2012 at Prescott's Citizen's Cemetary Tour (click images for larger view):

I will post the process of making the gloves separately.


Lauren said...

I'm so excited to see this made up!

Shannie said...

So exciting! What a gorgeous costume!

Unknown said...

Wuaoooooo... es un excelente y muy detallado trabajo. Te felicito por recrear un diseño tan antiguo... I like so much !!! Congratulations.

Unknown said...

What an exciting pattern! I would love to see a photo of the entire costume - complete with gloves and wings.

Solanah said...

Hello :)

I'm in love with this costume, you did an outstanding job! I wish I had time to make such an amazing costume, I'm so tired of the pre-packaged things people buy now, there is no creativity at all in that!

Now, I swear I'm not trying to spam you, but I couldn't get your email to work, and wanted to share a photo of some 1940s overalls I just made using one of your patterns :)

I love them!


Unknown said...

Hi, I would love to get the pattern but they are not showing up... :)

EvaDress said...

Hello Robin and thank you for your interest. I am sorry I was not able to see comments on blogger until now for some reason.

The pattern for this costume is via this link:

I will be restoring images on this post this evening. Please look me up with any additional questions you may have!