Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jan. 25 - Jan. 29, The Week in Patterning - 6

This and (a few following) storyboard(s) will allow you to watch the 1920 coat pattern come to life. At top, you recall this image of the master sheet from which I drafted each coat piece. Anytime I have an antique original master sheet, I run a large-format copy of it so as not to damage the original. I use colored pencils to locate each pattern piece in order to draft it to trace paper and then add seam allowances.
Below the master image, you see each traced piece with seam allowances added superimposed on each piece's location in the master, respectively. The opaque piece at right is the first iteration of the sleeve cuff, printed on the translucent bond paper I use when printing my patterns.

These images depict a Rowan knitting project I completed to go with one of my 'new' vintage makes, It is just the low-backed slip from the Vogue evening ensemble pattern 371 which lends itself so well to Rowan's 'Cobweb' shrug. I admire how Rowan promotes the use of such vintage styles as the 'framework' for their knitted and crocheted patterns-particularly in book 40 from which I knitted the shrug. In my favorite claret color, it is perfect for Valentine's Day!

This image, copyright Rowan:

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