Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Patterns - Summer Update

Been away for a while-I am guilty of having nearly vanished under pattern deadlines and I commenced sewing for this year's Make it with Wool Competition.  That said, it means I will be back on here posting a great deal as I share details and construction methods on the four-piece ensemble I am submitting this year.  Three of the pieces are from EvaDress Patterns and one piece actually comes from Vogue Knitting so stay tuned!

First bringing things up to speed, I launched the German Beach Ensemble pattern in July.  The pieces are the casual, wide-leg trousers with turn-ups, halter top and optional jacket:

I just finished everything for Vogue's 1951 Kimono Blouse in multi-size to start shipping this Friday!

Here is a little preview of what is soon to come in multi-size patterns!
I posted a vote on Face Book so others could decide which of the three following dresses would be next in multiple sizes.  Voters chose this Vogue Special Design for a day or evening dress with skirt godet and kimono bodice with high shaped skirt waistline:
First runner-up is the 1945 Butterick dress with smocked openings at the shoulder. It (as will the following 2 patterns) will be available in their original sizes until I bring them to a range of sizes next winter and spring.:
Lastly, another Vogue Special Design with optional panier effect at the hip and draped fullness across bust:
A customer sent this unique pattern to make available in multiple sizes out of such generosity.  A 1937 blouse with overwaist (connected to the skirt) and tie:

I still have some surprise patterns coming out before the beginning of fall which I will post here!

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