Monday, March 12, 2012

Revision to Pattern C30-4972

I made corrections to this pattern:

If you purchased this pattern before March 12, 2012, please e-mail me  to the effect and I will send you a revised sheet at no additional charge.

I also added four sizes up in this pattern. You may order it from the link above.


Lynne Williams said...

Sweet, I have had my eye on this pattern. Have always loved this style....but can I get my husband to wear it?

Frankie Pancakes said...

Just sent you an email!

Frankie Pancakes said...

Just sent you a note! The only pattern I didn't buy for myself was this one. See, good things happen when you procrastinate.

EvaDress said...

Frankie, I did not receive your message, so here is my alternate e-mail for you to send. I will also change that e-mail link to send to this account for anyone else (not sure why I am not getting it as posted):