Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1929 German Coat with Pin Tucks and Godets!

Now in sizes 14 - 48:

Below, a series of photographs that may help with the construction of this coat (shown in muslin):

I did my pin tucks 1/32" from each fold.

Shows the converging of pin tuck rows over the shoulder blade at the back of the coat.

Clipping into the corners of each opening for the godets.

Clipping the top corner of the godet.

Folding the top seam allowance of godet and stitching it to the opening of coat with right sides together (photo shows the pin tuck seam on outside of coat here).
Godet sewn into place with top edge ready to be invisibly catch-stitched into place.
Pin tucks converging over bust at front of coat with the bust dart already stitched.
Shows bust dart cut open for pressing flat.

Shows side seam stitched (without godets shown in place in this photo).

Sewing the inside seam of sleeve with pin tucks aligned across seam. (Note: pin tucks are shown on the wrong side of sleeve in this image.)

Outside sleeve seam stitched.

After shoulder seams are joined, photo shows half of coat back with scarf sewn into place with its point at the center back of coat.


Cherie Woodard said...

It's gorgeous, I think I may need one!

mem said...

It looks fascinating . Is this coat lined ? and I guess it would need to be made out of something no heavier than a wool crepe ??

EvaDress said...


Thank you for asking. I sewed a coat of this vintage (also with pin tucks) using a 10-11 oz wool flannel. It went over very well.
You may even be able to use a medium weight wool coating, but be sure to test sewing pin tucks on a sample of it first.