Friday, August 27, 2010

1887 Bat Costume pattern is ready

Quick snapshots of the silk sample shown here without the gloves and polonaise. Also, the fichu is not yet stayed to the back of the corset and a band on each arm from which to hang the wings has yet to be applied.

The bat costume sans wings: Finalizing the drape of the skirt polonaise:

My daughter fashioned this little bat in paper and fabric mâché.

Below, you see the corset and polonaise with the wings. This is the stage where I am marking the fichu for fastening it to the wings and corset:

I had my daughter hold the wings up for these shots which was tough due to the constant breeze!
I will start the gloves this week. It has been 6 years since I last sewed this style of glove, so I am taking my good old time. I will be happy to post photos of the process here as I proceed.
I then expect to have good photos made of the entire costume.