Friday, April 16, 2010

Artwear Symposium and Trunk Show in Minnesota

I am attending a couple of Saturday seminars at this year's Artwear Symposium   at the Textile Center in Minneapolis this June.

I am currently working out details with staff at Treadle Yard Goods to put on a patterns trunk show that same weekend. I have many sample garments made from my patterns that will be on display at the store in advance (date as to when they will be ready to view not yet determined, but stay tuned).

I will really like everyone's input as to what they would like to see in the trunk show opportunity as far as instruction I can give to help with your vintage pattern projects.

I have offered to make the times I will be available there as open help sessions for anyone needing assistance or questions answered about any sewing project they are doing with a vintage pattern (the pattern does not have to be from my business).

Looking forward to seeing you in Minnesota!


Kristen said...

Hi Xandra,

Thanks for mentioning the Artwear Symposium. We are really excited about this summer's event. Let me know when you have all the info on a Trunk Show with Treadle Yard Goods. They are a business member of the Textile Center, and I would be happy to mention the trunk show in our e-newsletter.

kturner at textilecentermn dot org

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a discussion or demonstration of how you grade patterns. I have taken several stabs at this myself, with some success, but would love to see the approach of someone who has done this a lot.


EvaDress said...


Happily, I talked with Treadle Yard Goods today about the teaching session I will be doing Sunday the 6th of June and looks like it will take on the grading issues-I will keep everyone posted here as to the final details with the time scheduled for the class that day-thank you for your post!