Saturday, April 4, 2009

On the Boards - Spring 2009

Any interest in 1930's men's underwear pattern?

In the meantime, here are more patterns I am preparing this spring:

Mid-1930's Swimsuits

1927 Skirt


Bluejacket said...

I know its been awhile since your original post but I personally would love for this one to be made. A hard thing to find patterns for and something usually forgotten about.

Z.burt said...

Hi there. Did you ever make up the vintage men's underwear pattern? I'm searching and searching for it but can't find anything like the picture you've posted! If you did, could you get in touch at Thanks so much! And great blog!!!

Eva Dress said...

Hello Z burt,

I am sorry as many times as I have checked for comments and not seen your question here.
I have not made up this particular pattern, but I do have a boxer short pattern coming up before I get this one up.

Getting in touch with you via e-mail!